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Speed Dating

Jerry and Michelle - met in May 2000 at Beshert Speed dating; married on January 20, 2001

"Michelle Teegarden, 33, the registered nurse from Kenosha, Wis. braved a two-hour commute and even got lost a few times on the way to meeting the man of her dreams at the May [speeddating] event held at the Chicago Historical Society. It turned out that Teegarden's Mr. Right, Jerry Novitt, 36, co-owner of an Arlington Heights business, also had a difficult commute downtown. He almost turned around to go home. When he met Teegarden, though, he was glad he suffered through the bad traffic. A hair-raising commute turned out to be only one of many things the two had in common.

"From that first night we couldn't stop talking, "he said. Their seven-minute date turned into a four-hour stroll around the city and a stop for Chinese food. "It was very romantic. I didn't get home until 3 a.m., " recalled Teegarden.

By the time Beshert contacted Novitt and Teegarden abut their match, they were way ahead of the game, already racking up miles on their cars to see one another, and long-distance bills from daily phone conversations. In June, Novitt proposed and they plan to get married next June.

Their six-week courtship, which seems to have happened with lightning speed, might be viewed as an impulsive move by today's standards. However, Novitt, a Beshert member since 1997, says he doesn't believe in following hard-and-fast rules when it comes to matters of the heart. "What Michelle and I saw in each other is what we wanted in a soul mate. It was that intense of a feeling, " he said. "In my 36 years, I haven't clicked with someone so quickly."
JUF NEWS, October 2000, p. 57.


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