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  SPEED DATING :: About Speed Dating

What is Speed Dating?
Speed dating is a social gathering where a group of single men and women engage in a rotating series of one-on-one "dates," consisting of conversations of seven minutes or less. Speed dating is a fast and non-pressured way to meet quality Jewish singles. In one evening, you'll meet at least 7 people of the opposite sex, though usually the number of conversations is significantly higher.

Value and Efficiency
Speed dating is fun, fast and efficient way to meet professional Jewish men and women who are looking for love just as you are. In one evening you have the chance to meet and talk with anywhere from 7 to 20 singles of the opposite sex. Just think, no more smoky bars, expensive meals, or having to wait politely for a date to end even though you know there's no future in it. With speed dating, if there's no connection, you merely shake hands and move on to the next meeting. With this approach, the cost per "date," or seven -minute meeting, is minimal. The system has a proven track record of success - over 50% of participants meet someone with whom there is mutual interest in another date. Just in 2002 alone 6 couples who met at our speed dating events became married or engaged!

Who May Participate in Speed Dating?
Speed dating is open to Jews of all ages and religious affiliations. However, all the participants have to attend events within their age group

How it Works?
All attendees must pre-register. Pre-registration is critical to the success of the event since the idea is to have an equal number of men and women.
During the course of the event, each man and each woman will have about seven minutes to meet and converse with each other. After each seven-minute meeting, a staff member rings a bell and all dates come to a halt. Both the man and woman, secretly and independently, decide if they would like to see the person again by marking either a "yes" or "no" on their form. The men then get up from their seats and move to the next table, where another woman is waiting to meet them.
A "match" is considered only when both the man and woman mark "yes." Each participant will be notified within 48 hours, by phone or email, if they have a match or not. The typical success rate is approximately 50%. If you did not have a match - there is always the next speed dating event! If you do have a "match," we will provide you with all appropriate phone numbers. Then it's up to you to arrange a subsequent meeting.

How Do I Sign Up?
Please sign up for speed dating events online using your credit card. Just go to www.beshert.com, click on "pay online" and follow the instructions from there. If you have problems registering online, please contact us at 847-853-0474. You may also pay by check sent to Beshert, P.O. Box 445, Wilmette, IL 60091

Can Someone Participate in Speed Dating More than Once?
Yes, we encourage it -- if you don't meet that special someone the first time around. We attract at least 80% of new faces to each event. One of the participants returned seven times until he finally met "Ms. Right" - the woman whom he married.

Speed dating Policy, Including Refunds and Cancellations
1. We make every effort to ensure an equal ratio of men to women, but we cannot always guarantee an equal ratio. Speed dating participants can expect a minimum of seven one-on-one conversations with participants of the opposite sex, though usually the number of conversations is significantly higher.
2. If the location of the speed dating event is not listed, then it will be given to confirmed participants within 48 hours prior to the event.
3. In the event of an imbalance in the ratio of men to women prior to the event, Beshert reserves the right to either reschedule participants for a later speed dating session or refund the full cost of the event.
4. Also, In the event of inclement weather or other unpredicted circumstances, we reserve the right to either reschedule you for a later speed dating session or to refund the full cost of the event.
5. If you have a credit from a previous speed dating event and would like to use it, please email us at elsa@beshert.com at least one week prior to the event specifying which event you would like to attend.
6. ** Needs some work! We reserve the right to request the proof of your age (driver's license, Id card). If your age is significantly different from the age group of the event signed up for, you will be asking to leave the event. In this case no refund will be given.
7. We understand that people have family or emergencies. Please be considerate of other participants and notify us as early as possible if you cannot come. If you are unable to attend an event that you have registered for, please give us at least 72 hours notice. You will get your refund (minus $5 service fee) or a credit for the next event in your age group.
8. "No shows" and participants who leave an event before consulting a Beshert representative will forfeit the full event cost and not be rescheduled.


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