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1. Meet with a matchmaker. A personal interview is the perfect way for us to find out about you and the person you are seeking. Of course, it's also a way for you to find out more about BESHERT. There is no obligation to join. The interview can last between 45 and 90 minutes.

2. After you join the BESHERT Personal Introduction Service, We will begin looking for potential dates for you. Often, we will email pictures and/or a personal statement from the person whom she suggests you meet.

3. If you agree to meet this person, we provides information about you to your potential date.

4. We exchange first names only.

5. You are under no obligation to meet anyone we suggest. If, during a phone conversation with a potential date, you determine that it would be an inappropriate match, this introduction will not count as a date.

6. We ask the man to make the initial contact. BESHERT recommends meeting for a cup of coffee, but you may wish to meet for dinner or a drink.

7. After you meet your date, we require detailed feedback from each of you. This feedback helps us understand you and your date better and, hopefully, improves the process. Also, we need to know if you or your date would like to see each other again. BESHERT do not share your feedback with your date.

Want to begin? Please call 847-853-0474 or email elsa@beshert.com to make an appointment, for additional information or pricing options.

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