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Still single in the city? Elsa Malinsky just might hook you up. That’s because Elsa is a matchmaker who makes finding a mate easy! This opera and museum fan founded and is president of BESHERT (it means person destined to be your beloved in Yiddish) to help connect young Jewish professionals.The dating game “ I started hosting social events, such as dinners and talks, and later added a personal introduction service.”

How does BESHERT work? “I interview a client to get an idea about personality, values and interests in order to find a good match. Ialso use my intuition and gut feeling.”
It’s a match! “I interviewed a man who mentioned that he liked auto racing, and remembered a woman who told me that loved racing, too. So, I introduced them and they got engaged a year later. A minor coincidence can sometimes bring a couple together.”

Is he the one? “I always tell my clients to choose a soul mate based on values, not just interests. Interests can be developed but your value system mostly stays the same.”

Today’s Chicago Woman
Photo my Michael Richard, michaelroberts.tv


   Elsa's Radio Interview

Full Interview - 42 min; click the play button to listen
Mock interview with Shantelle; 5 min
Saying "no" to some prospective clients; 1 min.
What should I do after the date? 2 min.

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Elsa Malinsky, the Modern-day Matchmaker, Chicago Social
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